So…it begins!

This is my first post! Congratulations to me!!
Thank you, thank you.

The main reason why I created this blog was…well…let’s not start with an untruth. Mainly, I was bored but sometimes I also say funny things, other times I have some slightly average, yet interesting discussions with friends and co-workers. Rarely, but frequently enough to be written here (I hope) – I have some pretty good dreams! <The ones that deserve to be shared>

I work with computers but I’m also a cook who does some gardening in my free time, I like video games and board games; actually I’m willing to try any kind of game (Except VR for now, but we’ll talk about that one day). I work with wood, I paint my house, I do investments and like astronomy and dinosaurs, who doesn’t like dinosaurs? 

animal beast carnivore creature
Photo by Mikes Photos

I decided not to use the regular social media like Instagram and Facebook because I feel it’s filled (I feel it’s filled sounds nice) with unwanted photos and it’s becoming more and more of the same in every single page. Moreover and honestly It’s not my thing to get exposed. Instead of publishing nearly naked photos (that i know it would be a tremendous success) I chose writing as my main way of expressing and sharing my ideas, thoughts and discussions.

With so many topics to talk about and so much that has to be said, why not have my own space to do it?

photography of night sky
Photo by Juan

Well…this was not the space I was talking about, anyway, lets move on.

I will be posting every now and then, with no compromise to post every day or every week. One thing is certain, this blog will talk about everything and if I find the time we’ll eventually talk about a pair of boots!