Why you should always use face recognition or fingerprint scan in public places!

The title says it all.

The question you’re asking now is why? You even have 16 character complex password with special characters, your password is different across all platforms. You’re following pretty much all security measures possible. Why is fingerprint scan more secure?

The answer to the question is funny. The problem with typing passwords is the excess of security.

What? You’re thinking I’m completely crazy and wondering if you should stop reading.

Please wait a second. I didn’t say what type of security was it, did I?
I am talking about security in public places. Yep!!

Nowadays we have cameras everywhere!! Most of the newest cameras have a high resolution and huge optical zooms. YOU ARE NOT SAFE!
I recently heard a conversation in a store that got me thinking about it. There were these two security guards laughing about a guy watching (porn I guess) on his mobile, they were not speaking loud, but I was near them and heard it all.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd.

If these two security guards can secretly watch a guy watching whatever on his phone, they can also watch everything else you do. There are countless cameras in most stores, even if you’re walking the chance that there is a camera following you is really high!

If you want security you can either use a password manager or to keep it simple just use a face recognition or fingerprint scan sensor. If you really care about your security and privacy you should also activate the 2-factor authentications that most websites provide. The fingerprint and face recognition won’t save you in middle-man attacks but will at least keep the password typing away from outside eyes. They might read your chats but won’t be able to know your password.

Consider yourself warned!